Healing Prayer

Prayer and visualization for those who need healing

This prayer comes from Soul Feast by Marjorie Thompson. It combines relaxation, breathing, visualization, and meditation on God’s love and healing presence. Listen to this guided prayer or read below.

  • Find a comfortable place to sit or kneel. Take time to relax and breathe gently. Place your attention on God’s presence, imagining it as brightness and warmth.
  • Remember that when we are in God’s presence, we are not alone. We are there with all God’s children held in the divine embrace. Choose one of those children who has a need for healing of body, mind, or heart.
  • Hold this person in God’s light. Visualize God’s love washing over this person, dissolving pain, cleansing wounds, and curing sickness. Use any images that seem appropriate and fitting.
  • See the person in a state of wholeness in God’s light and love, restored, and beautiful as seen through the eyes of divine love.
  • Ask God that this beauty be realized according to God’s design for this person. Thank God for whatever gift of healing is given. Release the person into God’s loving care until you pray again.  
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