Midweek Summer Worship

A summer tradition at Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center, Midweek Summer Worship is an opportunity to enjoy fellowship, fun nature talks, and inspirational worship. This year, we are bringing that opportunity to you! We will share a recorded worship service and nature talk here every Wednesday from June 17 to August 5.

Join Mount Olivet Lutheran Church pastors as they share “Words of Hope” and reflections on bible passages that help them find, understand, and share hope.

August 5

Pastor MacLean’s message on hope concludes our Midweek Summer Worship for 2020. Thank you for joining us!

Learn all about the garden at the retreat center and what fruits and vegetables you will enjoy during your next visit. Dan the Nature Man (and gardener extraordinaire) shares some gardening tips too!

July 29

Breathe in the Holy Spirit and breathe out worry and fear. This week, Pastor Hammersten encourages you to let go of worry and trust God.

Did you know the retreat center is home to more than 25 species of mammals? In this video, Dan the Nature Man shares facts about animals you might spot during your next visit.

July 22

The retreat center’s own Rev. Dr. Theresa Latini invites you to find hope through lament as we ask the question,
“How long, oh Lord?”

Dan the Nature Man is back to show some of his favorite varieties of Hydrangeas and shares why they would make the perfect addition to your at-home garden beds.

July 15

Pastor Ruud preaches on “hoping against hope” and how hope allows us to experience suffering, pain and grief yet helps us continue to live, move forward and have faith there is something beyond what we can currently see or know.

Dan the Nature Man is here to show you some changes in the landscape of Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center over the years. Learn about the growth of the marsh, the restoration of the prairie, and the evolution of some of the amenities enjoyed by guests.

July 8

In this Midweek Worship, Pastor Freeman reflects on suffering and despair and how they are often found in the same place as hope – yet hope always overcomes.

Take a tour of the perennial garden beds at the retreat center. Dan the Nature Man is here to tell you about low-maintenance perennials that are great options for your next at-home gardening project.

July 1

Pastor Kalland shares the words of The Battle Hymn of the Republic on this week of Independence Day and preaches about placing our hope in Jesus.

In this nature talk, Site Naturalist Dan Kahl shares information about the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota and the different types of bluebird boxes in use at the retreat center.

June 24

Pastor Dixon finds hope in the petitions of The Lord’s Prayer as he reflects on what it means to be called to participate in God’s Kingdom today.

Learn about the Retreat Center’s Monarch Waystation, monarch’s life cycle and how you can join us in the effort to create, conserve and protect monarch habitats!

June 17

What do you do when you have a hard time finding hope? Pastor Lose offers words of comfort as he preaches about sharing our hope (or hopelessness) with others.

Learn about the natural landscape of the retreat center – the forests, the marsh, and the prairie – and view beautiful footage of this place of peace and tranquility.

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