Prayer of Presence

In her book, Soul Feast, Marjorie Thompson describes the following process as the prayer of presence. We encourage you to make this one of your spiritual practices. Try praying this way daily for one week, two weeks, and even a month as a means of abiding in God.

Take ten minutes and pray along with this audio guide we have created.

Find a posture that allows you to be relaxed and alert. It helps to have your neck and spine aligned. Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times. Consciously release any muscle tension you become aware of. Breathe in peace, breathe out tension.

Relax your mind. If particular thoughts keep returning, gather them up and give them to God to hold for you during this time. You can take them back later if you want.

Turn your attention to God’s presence. Let yourself be fully aware of the mystery of divine love that continually surrounds and upholds us. God is breathing life into you at each moment; take in the gift.

Let God’s presence fill your consciousness, and simply rest in this presence—just as you might with someone you love dearly and feel no need to speak to, just to be with. Let yourself be like a child cradled in the lap of a wonderful caregiver; or perhaps gently supported in an ocean of light; or enfolded in a peaceful warmth. Let yourself be held in God’s tender embrace; rest and soak up the love that holds you.

Close your prayer by thanking God for any gifts received in this time. You can choose to return to this communion of presence whenever you want.  

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